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About Us

The emphasis on excellence in Interprofessional care is the hallmark of the McMaster Academic Family Health Team. The diversity of our interprofessional team, the continuing growth of our patient population, the expectation of quality patient care, and the excitement of our many varied learners will push McMaster FHT to expand the boundaries of primary health care delivery in education and through patient care.

The interprofessional team continues to grow, with the addition of Occupational Therapists and  a System Navigator. These roles allow the team to work and collaborate with each other and ensure that the patient is seen by the most appropriate health professional. The expertise of highly trained physicians, nurse practitioners, registered practical nurses, social workers, dietitians, pharmacists, occupational therapist, physician assistant, a system navigator and a lactation consultant collaborate to maximize primary health care delivery and educational opportunities. Managers, team assistants, business clerks and reception staff are the essential support for improved seamless care. Together, we work towards improving the health of over 31,000 patients associated with the McMaster FHT.

The McMaster Family Health team is an Academic FHT. This means that we are committed to excellence in the education of future family physicians and interprofessional staff. The demands for clinical placements for 81 family practice residents and interprofessional learners is managed within this clinical setting. The opportunity to work interprofessionally,  and share expertise enhances our understanding of the many diverse roles within the FHT and is essential to providing excellent patient care.

The two sites of the McMaster Academic Family Health Team, Stonechurch Family Health Centre and McMaster Family Practice Unit, continue to actively accept and roster patients.  The health care needs of all patients are addressed by any one of the team members as appropriate.  A total of over 113,000 patient visits occurred at the both sites in the past year.

The McMaster Academic Family Health Team is governed through the Department of Family Medicine.  There are many ‘moving parts’ that require continuous attention.  The McMaster FHT Planning and Priorities Committee includes front line clinical health professionals and members of the leadership team and is responsible for reviewing, discussing, planning and establishing the priorities of the FHT for the year ahead.  Members are challenged to examine what work is done, how it is done and to ask if this work could be done  differently.  Close attention to what works and what doesn’t work insists that we continue to meet and improve the health care and educational expectations of our patients and our learners.  The energy created when like-minded professionals work collaboratively is amazing and motivating.