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Teaching Awards Presented at the 2018 DFM Spring Retreat

At the 2018 Department of Family Medicine Faculty Development Retreat, the following faculty were presented with awards that honour their excellence as teachers and as clinicians.

Teaching Award Winners: Drs. Doug Oliver, Elyse Savaria, Leili Pede, Lawrence Grierson

Doug Oliver

Excellence in Clerkship Teaching Award as a Community Tutor in Undergraduate Family Medicine

Nominated by medical students in their clerkship year, this award is presented to the Family Medicine tutor that best demonstrates exceptional leadership skills, a thorough understanding of the core concepts of the curriculum, and promotes learning.

From the nomination: Dr. Oliver was extremely approachable, engaging, personable and knowledgeable. He was a role model of professionalism, ran our tutorials effectively and with the right balance of participation and facilitating.  Dr. Oliver had an outstanding approach to making the group feel open and comfortable to share, which is not easy to do in 6 short encounters and I think takes great leadership skills. He was certainly a content expert, but did not feel the need to take over at the expense of student learning. He intervened when necessary, but was able to lead from behind while always being engaging, pleasant, funny and relatable.

Todd Greenspoon

James Morris Preceptor Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Family Medicine

Dr. James Morris was a dedicated community physician who excelled in clinical teaching, he was a support to medical students and made many significant contributions to undergraduate education. This award is given to the most deserving Family Medicine preceptor for their excellence in teaching undergraduate clinical clerks. This award is nominated by medical students in their clerkship year.

From the nomination: Dr. Greenspoon takes high yield family medicine topics and caters them to his students’ needs; he always sends you to see interesting patients and ensures you get excellent procedure exposure. He takes an evidence based approach to his practice and is a phenomenal teacher. He takes extra time to teach around important topics (i.e diabetes, hypertension, depression) and loves what he does. He is always patient and extremely understanding. A true role model of family medicine. His patients love him, he is an all around great guy to work with!

Jorin Lukings

Pre-Clerkship Teaching Award

This award is presented to the most deserving Family Medicine preceptor for their excellence in teaching undergraduate, pre-clerkship (MF1/MF2) medical students. This award is nominated by MF1/MF2 medical students.

From the nomination: Dr. Lukings provided me with an amazing role model for how patients should be treated in each and every encounter.  He showed me how to take time with patients, allow them to always explain how they are feeling and what impact their health is having on their life, as well as how to express empathy and make the patients feel cared for.  Dr Lukings creates an environment that is conducive to teaching. He is prompt and responsive to communication, scheduling, and emails. He is constantly checking in make sure the student is doing all right and if he or she has any questions. He constantly then adjust the clinical exposure to meet the student’s needs. He is also perceptive of the student’s emotional responses to some of the patients stories and takes time and effort to help the student manage those as well.

Leili Pede and Elyse Savaria

Gerry Cohen Award

This annual award is in honour of Dr. Gerry Cohen, initiated on his retirement from the Department of Family Medicine, and given to a a full or part-time member of the McMaster University Department of Family Medicine. The recipient must reflect the qualities and contributions of Dr. Cohen to the discipline of Family Medicine. The recipient of this award:

  • is recognized by residents and colleagues as an excellent clinical teacher,
  • demonstrates strong commitment to residency education, and
  • is known as a role model for their clinical contributions and care of patients.

From the nomination of Leili Pede: It only took a
couple of weeks into my program to realize the enormous dedication that Dr. Pede has for teaching and her genuine commitment to the well-being of her patients. Her commitment to education is not only demonstrated by her day to day teaching but additionally by her involvement in the program and interest in its improvement. Dr. Pede’s contributions are not limited to her role in education. Dr. Pede goes the extra mile for her patients. It is frequent that I see her pick up the phone to facilitate a patient’s journey through the health care system, to personally follow up on her patients with a phone call or visit to the hospital, to take a couple of extra minutes to explain and discuss a patient’s concern and just in general be a great advocate for her patients.

From the nomination of Elyse Savaria: Her commitment to her patients can be demonstrated by the many individuals who drive an hour or more from across South West Ontario to arrive at our clinic “because she’s the best!”. Her spirit of innovation
helped spearhead the development and start-up of the Owen Sound Family Health Team (OSFHT) – a pioneering model for interdisciplinary practice, community collaboration and support designed to meet the unique needs of our region. For almost a decade. As a preceptor and mentor, Dr. Savaria encourages learners to know their patients through varied experiences from birth to death, to practice as broadly as they can and to take advantage of mentorship throughout their own
careers. Dr. Savaria cares deeply about her residents – not just their development as good family physicians, but also as well rounded human beings who care about their communities and are genuinely happy in their personal lives.


Lawrence Grierson

Jacqui Wakefield Mentorship Award

The Jacqui Wakefield Mentorship Award is presented to a faculty member of the Department (full- or part-time) who has demonstrated outstanding mentoring abilities beyond normal professional duties by:

  • encouraging, facilitating and supporting others in career and leadership development;
  • contributing to the success of colleagues through the sharing of insight, perspective and knowledge based on his/her experience;
  • helping colleagues develop a network of relationships that might not normally be available early in their career; and
  • acting as an effective role model in primary care or medical leadership.

Congratulations to all of our award winners on this great achievement!

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