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A Swell of Recognition: Fall 2018 Awards from NAPCRG, CFPC and OCFP

This year a significant contingent from our Department was recognized for their hard work, insights and compassion.

For the recipients, these awards represent years of hard work, willingness to defy barriers, and deep compassion for the communities that we work and live in. The awards also paint a picture of the many vibrant, innovative, caring and committed faces that can be found all across our department.
Congratulations to the winners!

Gina Agarwal
Mid-career Researcher Award from NAPCRG

Congratulation to Gina Agarwal, who will receive the Mid-Career Researcher Award from the North American Primary Care Research Group this weekend.

Gina is leading a program of research that focuses on improving health systems for vulnerable populations, ensuring people in need receive appropriate care at the right time and in the right place.
Among many other achievements and areas her research expertise has touched, Gina is the Principal Investigator of McMaster Community Paramedicine Research Team. The Community Paramedicine at Clinic (CP@clinic) program was inspired by her PhD work with the CHAP Program in Grimsby (the CHAD Program) and links to her involvement with other CHAP-like research programs in the South Asian Community (C-ChAMP). She is also the lead of the CHAP-Philippines research program and has an avid interest in Global Health Research.

Gina will receive the award on November 11 at the NAPCRG Awards Breakfast & Presentation.

Read Gina’s Bio

At Family Medicine Forum, members of our department received prestigious honours from both the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) and the Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP).

Dee Mangin
Donald I. Rice Award

Dee Mangin, professor and research chair of DFM, received the Donald I. Rice Award from CFPC at the FMF Awards Gala. This award, given out every two years, funds a leader in Canadian primary care to travel across the country to give keynote addresses and talks to academic, healthcare and government organizations. She will be talking about her work and about future opportunities and directions for primary care.

Her broad interests are: rational prescribing; innovative models of primary care delivery; effective incorporation of evidence into patient centred practice; and the influences of science, policy and commerce on the nature of care.

Read Dee’s Bio

David Price
Jean-Pierre Despins Award

David Price, professor and chair of the Department received the Jean-Pierre Despins Award from the CFPC. This award recognizes an “outstanding advocate and public spokesperson for family medicine, family physicians and their patients.”

Through his many roles and accomplishments, David has developed expertise in primary care reform and health care policy development. As the Chair of the Provincial (Ontario) Expert Advisory Panel on Primary Care (2013-2014) he was instrumental in helping produce “Patient Care Groups: A new model of population based primary health care for Ontario” (“Price Report”).

Read David’s Bio

Marg Sanborn
Environmental Health Award

Marg Sanborn won the CFPC Environmental Health Award. Marg practices in Chelsey Ontario at a rural hospital an emergency department and continues to take locums with the FHT where she used to have a comprehensive family practice.

Marg also won a second Environmental Health Award from the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment.

Learn more about Marg.

Joe Lee
Regional Family Physician of the Year

Dr. Joseph Lee has been a family physician in Kitchener-Waterloo for 30 years. He provided leadership in developing the Centre for Family Medicine, the McMaster Kitchener-Waterloo and Area family medicine program, the Waterloo regional medical school, the University of Waterloo Health Science Campus, the KW4 Health Link program, and the KW4 regional leadership table. He is the chair of the family health team and the regional health link, former site director for the KW family medicine residency program, assessment director for the DFM residency program, and clinical lead of the KW4 area.

Read Joe’s Bio on the OCFP website

Awards of Excellence Winners

Six of the 14 Awards of Excellence given out by OCFP this year were received by DFM Faculty.
• Dorothy Bakker, associate clinical professor
• Amy Montour, assistant clinical professors
• Joan Mackenzie Chan, assistant clinical professors
• Caroline Collins, assistant clinical professors
• Yelena Chorny, assistant clinical professors
• Mohamed Alarakhia, assistant clinical professors

Read more about all the OCFP winners

Lita Cameron

Lita Cameron received the Family Medicine Leadership Award from McMaster University Department of Family Medicine during the Celebrating Family Medicine Teaching Dinner.

Lita, is a locum at MFP and part-time faculty (adjunct). She supervises first and second year residents within the clinic and teaches first year family medicine residents newborn care during their maternity centre rotation. She is also involved in newborn care rotation at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

Sue Murry

Sue Murray, who recently retired from the Department as the Manager of Education Enterprise, received the Family Medicine National Education Administrators Award of Excellence for her commitment and dedication to Family Medicine Education.

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