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Announcing our 2020 Teaching Award Winners

We are pleased to celebrate our award-winning faculty!  While we cannot celebrate with them in person as we had originally planned, we will look forward to honouring them at an opportunity in the future.  Please join us in congratulating the following folks:

Karl Stobbe

Jacqui Wakefield Mentorship Award

The Jacqui Wakefield Mentorship Award is presented to a faculty member of the department (full or part-time) who has demonstrated outstanding mentoring abilities beyond normal professional duties by:

  • encouraging, facilitating and supporting others in career and leadership development;
  • contributing to the success of colleagues through the sharing of insight, perspective and knowledge based on his/her experience;
  • helping colleagues develop a network of relationships that might not normally be available early in their career;
  • acting as an effective role model in primary care or medical leadership

From the nomination: Dr. Stobbe is the most senior and respected faculty mentor in Niagara. He has touched the lives of the majority of Niagara physicians and faculty…He has worked tirelessly in the department of family medicine and as residency program site chief (2018-present) to promote family physician leaders in Niagara. He personally dedicates countless hours meeting new physicians and junior faculty to promote medical education at McMaster. He has the unique ability to engage the broadest range of personalities and education or research interests. He uses his personal and academic network across the Canada for the benefit of others and his impact is nationwide”

Judy Maynard

Gerry Cohen Award for Excellence in Postgraduate Teaching

This annual award is in honour of Gerry Cohen, initiated on his retirement from the Department of Family Medicine. This award is given to a full or part-time faculty member who reflects the qualities and contributions of Dr. Cohen to the discipline of Family Medicine. The recipient of this award:

  • is recognized by residents and colleagues as an excellent clinical teacher
  • demonstrates strong commitment to residency education
  • is known as a role model in their clinical contributions and care of patients across the spectrum of care

From the nomination:

As a resident of Dr. Maynard’s, I have been the fortunate recipient of two years of excellent teaching and mentorship. She has always provided the perfect balance of supervision and autonomy. She is very encouraging of her residents to seek out new learning opportunities based on their interests; in my case she was always supportive of my working with other physicians on labour and delivery, or spending more time on palliative care. Dr. Maynard also leads by example, seeking out continued professional development for herself via her role as a PBSG leader at Brameast Family Physicians. Despite her years of experience, she is frequently asking for feedback from her colleagues and residents alike to better understand how others’ practice and any strategies she can adapt from others.

As Dr. Maynard retires from her distinguished career this summer, I feel honored to be following in her footsteps, and taking over her practice. Dr. Maynard has clearly been instrumental in the development of the Brampton Family Medicine residency program as well as positively effecting the lives of thousands of patients in the community. I have no doubt that she will live up to the honour of this prestigious award.

Alison Malo

James Morris Preceptor Award in Clerkship

Dr. James Morris was a dedicated community physician who excelled in clinical teaching, was a support to medical students and made many significant contributions to undergraduate education. This award will be presented to the most deserving family medicine preceptor for excellence in teaching undergraduate clinical clerks. This award is nominated by medical students in their clerkship year.

From the nomination: Dr. Malo is an incredible family physician. She is compassionate, knowledgeable and kind to everyone who walks into her office and her patients love her — at least once a day, several of her patients would tell me how lucky I was to have her as a teacher, and I agreed! It was clear that she cares deeply for her patients and their well-being — she would spend each morning running the list of each of her patients with me before we started clinic, and she would share their context as well as a variety of fun quirks about several patients. She is a very competent physician who translates medical expertise into layman’s language with ease and several lovely analogies.

Nagy Abdel

Clerkship Tutorial Leader Award in Undergraduate Family Medicine

This award will be presented to the most deserving family medicine tutor for demonstrating exceptional leadership skills, having a thorough understanding of the core curricular concepts, and promoting learning.

From the nomination: [Dr. Abdel provides a] excellent environment for learning. [He is] extremely knowledgeable on all topics [and has an] excellent understanding and ability to teach approach to problems, special considerations unique to family medicine, patient perspective, international perspective. A pleasure to learn from and work with. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Nagy Abdel.

Lauren Cameron

Preceptor Award for Excellence in Pre-Clerkship Family Medicine

This award will be presented to the most deserving family medicine preceptor for excellence in teaching undergraduate, pre-clerkship (MF1/MF2) medical students. This award is nominated by MF1/MF2 medical students.

From the nomination: Dr. Cameron is an outstanding family physician who takes time to listen to her patients, never rushes through an appointment, and is thorough in her examinations. She consistently takes detailed histories and allows the patient to express every concern they have without interruption when they come into her office

Congratulations to all of our award winners on this great achievement!

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