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Optimal Prescribing to Enhance Mobility Among Seniors: A GeriMedRisk-TAPERMD collaboration

Multiple diseases, multiple medications, and age predispose seniors to drug toxicity, which increases the risk of mortality, and impairs mobility and cognition. GeriMedRisk-TAPERMD is a comprehensive, multilevel approach to polypharmacy that integrates a geriatric pharmacology consultation service and a clinical pathway for systematic medication reduction. This pathway incorporates teamwork between patients, pharmacists and physicians. It integrates patient priorities, electronic screening for potentially harmful medicines, supporting evidence, tools and a monitoring pathway to support medication reduction. This project will:

  • Examine the feasibility of GeriMedRisk-TAPERMD in the long-term care setting.
  • Assess GeriMedRisk-TAPERMD’s potential to decrease drug-related hospital visits and falls.
  • Assess the potential for reversal of polypharmacy-associated mobility impairment following deprescribing using the TAPERMD clinical pathway.

Dee Mangin, Julie Richardson, Joanne Ho and Jobin Varugese are leading the assessment of the detailed effects of the TAPERMD-GeriMedRisk clinical pathway on mobility outcomes.


Co-Principal Investigators:
  • Julie Richardson
  • Andrew Costa
  • Gordon Guyatt
  • Anne Holbrook
  • Reza Mirza
  • Justin Lee
  • Lehana Thabane
  • Jobin Varughese

Partner Organizations

McMaster University Department of Family MedicineMichael G. DeGroote School of Medicine